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10 best waste management companies in the UK in 2024

As we stride further into 2024, the focus on sustainable waste management solutions has never been more pressing. With the UK aiming for a more circular economy, businesses are looking for waste management companies that not only dispose of waste responsibly but also value recycling and recovery.

Here are the 10 best waste management companies operating in the UK this year, renowned for their eco-friendly practices and innovative waste solutions.

Best waste management companies in the UK compared

No.Company NameProsConsIndicative Starting Prices (per month)Website
1BiffaExtensive network, sustainability focusHigher cost, potential service delays£100www.biffa.co.uk
2VeoliaGlobal expertise, waste-to-energy leaderLess flexibility for small businesses, complex structure£120www.veolia.co.uk
3SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UKCustomised solutions, strong on recyclingSelective contract acceptance£110www.suez.co.uk
4ViridorHigh-tech facilities, waste-to-energy investmentsHigher pricing, limited geographic coverage£150www.viridor.co.uk
5FCC EnvironmentBroad service range, community focusLess focus on innovative solutions£90www.fccenvironment.co.uk
6Grundon Waste ManagementCarbon-neutral, innovative waste solutionsLimited network compared to multinationals£95www.grundon.com
7EnvaExpert in recyclable materials, recovery focusLimited presence outside core regions£100www.enva.com
8ReconomyDigital platform, proactive serviceDigital-first approach may not suit all£85www.reconomy.com
9WasteCareNationwide coverage, sector-specific solutionsMay lack broader services of larger firms£80www.wastecare.co.uk
10BywatersAdvanced recovery facility, London focusAccessibility for businesses outside London£120www.bywaters.co.uk

The prices indicated are estimates and are subject to change based on specific business needs and service agreements.

These best waste management companies not only manage waste efficiently but also contribute significantly to the UK’s environmental targets. They are pioneers in waste-to-energy conversion, recycling initiatives, and innovative waste reduction strategies. For businesses in the UK, partnering with these waste management firms means taking a step forward in their corporate social responsibility and contributing to a greener planet.


Biffa stands out for its extensive network and commitment to zero waste. It offers a wide array of services including collection, recycling, and energy generation from waste. With over a century of experience, Biffa is a trusted partner for businesses seeking responsible waste management.

  • Pros: Extensive network, comprehensive services including hazardous waste management, strong focus on sustainability.
  • Cons: Services might be pricier due to brand prestige, potential overcapacity in some areas leading to service delays.
  • Indicative Prices: Collection services may start from around £100 per month for small businesses.
  • Website: www.biffa.co.uk


Veolia is a global giant in waste management, and its UK operations are at the forefront of technology-driven waste solutions. The company is a leader in converting waste into energy and has been instrumental in supporting the UK’s environmental goals.

  • Pros: Global expertise, technologically advanced solutions, leader in waste-to-energy projects.
  • Cons: Might not be as flexible for small businesses, complex service structures.
  • Indicative Prices: Small business packages can start from approximately £120 per month.
  • Website: www.veolia.co.uk

SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK

SUEZ provides tailored waste management solutions for UK businesses, focusing on sustainability. It is heavily involved in recycling and recovery, helping to reduce the environmental impact of waste.

  • Pros: Customised waste solutions, strong emphasis on recycling and recovery, educational initiatives.
  • Cons: Selective in taking on new contracts depending on scale and scope.
  • Indicative Prices: Basic services can begin at around £110 per month for small to medium enterprises.
  • Website: www.suez.co.uk


Viridor is known for its high-tech recycling facilities and its waste-to-energy plants that help in reducing landfill usage. It has made significant investments in infrastructure to support the UK’s resource efficiency.

  • Pros: Leading-edge recycling facilities, significant investments in waste-to-energy.
  • Cons: Services can be high-end in pricing, may not cover all geographic locations equally.
  • Indicative Prices: Pricing can start from £150 per month for entry-level waste management solutions.
  • Website: www.viridor.co.uk

FCC Environment

FCC Environment offers services across the waste management spectrum, from street cleaning to waste processing. Its emphasis on environmental education and waste minimisation sets it apart.

  • Pros: Wide range of services, involvement in community and educational programmes.
  • Cons: Might have less focus on innovative solutions compared to others.
  • Indicative Prices: General waste collection services may start near £90 per month for small businesses.
  • Website: www.fccenvironment.co.uk

Grundon Waste Management

Grundon is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned waste management companies. It is recognised for its innovative approach to waste management and its commitment to carbon neutrality.

  • Pros: Carbon-neutral operations, innovative waste solutions, privately owned flexibility.
  • Cons: May have a more limited network compared to multinational companies.
  • Indicative Prices: Prices can start from around £95 per month for basic waste collection and management.
  • Website: www.grundon.com


Enva is an exemplar in resource recovery, specialising in recycling a wide range of materials. It has a strong presence in the UK and is known for its customer-centric approach to waste management.

  • Pros: Expertise in a wide range of recyclable materials, focus on resource recovery.
  • Cons: Limited presence outside of their core regions.
  • Indicative Prices: Starting prices could be in the region of £100 per month for straightforward waste management needs.
  • Website: www.enva.com


Reconomy leads the way in technology-driven waste management, focusing on waste reduction and recycling. Its digital platform makes waste management more efficient for businesses across the UK.

  • Pros: Innovative digital platform for waste management, proactive customer service.
  • Cons: Digital-first approach may not appeal to all customers.
  • Indicative Prices: Small businesses might find services starting from about £85 per month.
  • Website: www.reconomy.com


WasteCare has been providing waste management solutions since the 1980s, with a focus on recycling and waste recovery. It has a nationwide reach and caters to a variety of sectors.

  • Pros: Nationwide coverage, focus on recycling and recovery, sector-specific solutions.
  • Cons: Might not offer the breadth of services as larger firms.
  • Indicative Prices: WasteCare might offer entry-level services starting from £80 per month.
  • Website: www.wastecare.co.uk


Bywaters has made a name for itself with its London-based material recovery facility, which is one of the most advanced in the UK. The company is focused on turning waste into a resource and promoting sustainability.

  • Pros: State-of-the-art material recovery facility, London-centric services.
  • Cons: May not be as accessible for businesses outside London.
  • Indicative Prices: Basic services may start from approximately £120 per month, with a focus on London-based clients.
  • Website: www.bywaters.co.uk

Frequently for best commercial waste companies in the UK

What services do commercial waste companies in the UK offer?

Commercial waste companies typically offer a variety of services including waste collection, recycling, waste disposal, environmental reporting, and consultancy services. Many also provide specialised services for hazardous waste, confidential waste, and waste-to-energy processing.

How are prices determined for commercial waste management?

Prices for commercial waste management are determined based on factors such as the volume and type of waste, frequency of collection, the distance for collection, and any additional services required such as recycling or hazardous waste handling. Companies will often provide a custom quote after assessing a business’s specific needs.

Is recycling included in commercial waste management services?

Yes, most commercial waste companies offer recycling services and can help businesses segregate and recycle materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals. Some also provide organic waste composting and electronic waste recycling.

How can I reduce my business’s waste management costs?

Businesses can reduce waste management costs by reducing waste generation, segregating waste to avoid contamination, compacting waste to reduce volume, and recycling more to avoid higher landfill disposal fees.

Do commercial waste companies provide bins and containers?

Yes, it is common for waste management companies to provide bins and containers suited to the waste types and volumes your business produces. These may include wheelie bins, skips, and specialised containers for hazardous or confidential waste.

Are there regulations I should be aware of when disposing of commercial waste?

Yes, businesses in the UK must comply with regulations such as the Duty of Care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which requires proper waste documentation and ensures that waste is handled by licensed carriers and disposed of responsibly.

Can waste management companies help with compliance reporting?

Many waste management companies offer support with compliance and environmental reporting, helping businesses to keep accurate records of their waste disposal and recycling, which is essential for compliance with UK waste regulations.

What should I look for when choosing a waste management company?

When choosing a waste management company, consider their environmental credentials, the range of services they offer, their pricing structure, customer service, and their ability to meet the specific needs of your business.

How does commercial waste disposal contribute to sustainability?

Proper commercial waste disposal and recycling contribute to sustainability by reducing landfill use, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving natural resources, and enabling the recovery of valuable materials that can be reused in the economy.

Are there any incentives for businesses to manage waste responsibly?

There may be financial incentives such as lower waste management costs and tax benefits, as well as reputational incentives, as customers and partners increasingly value businesses that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

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