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Top 10 vehicle tracker providers in the UK

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective fleet management is crucial for operational success. Vehicle tracking systems have emerged as a vital tool for businesses across the UK, offering real-time insights into fleet operations, enhancing efficiency, and boosting safety. This article provides an overview of the top 10 vehicle tracker providers in the UK, comparing their services, pricing, and the pros and cons of each.

Whether you’re a small business owner or manage a large fleet, understanding these options can significantly impact your strategic decision-making. Here, we spotlight the top 10 vehicle tracker providers making waves in the UK.

What do vehicle tracking companies offer?

Vehicle tracking companies offer services and technologies that allow businesses to monitor and manage their vehicle fleets in real-time. These include GPS tracking, route planning, vehicle diagnostics, driver behaviour analysis, and reporting tools. This helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Best vehicle tracker providers and suppliers in the UK

Estimated Monthly Price Range (£)TrustPilot scoreProsCons
Quartix£14.90 – £18.904.8User-friendly interface; Customisable reports; Focus on driver behaviourCostly for small fleets; Limited third-party integration
RAM Tracking£10 – £204.4Excellent customer support; Easy to install; Detailed reportingLearning curve for advanced features; Extra cost for additional features
Teletrac Navman£20+4.5Scalable solutions; Strong focus on safety; In-depth analyticsComplex integration; Less intuitive interface
Tracker£12.49 – £20N/AExceptional vehicle recovery; Robust VHF technology; Insurance approvalLess comprehensive fleet features; Professional installation needed
Verizon Connect£20 – £301.9Wide range of features; Extensive data insights; Global brand resourcesCostly for smaller fleets; Overwhelming features for small operations
Fleetmatics£20 – £30N/AUser-friendly interface; Comprehensive reporting; Scalable with growthSoftware glitches; Higher cost for smaller fleets
Masternaut£15.99+N/ALeading CAN bus technology; Eco-driving focus; Compliance toolsSteep learning curve; Time-consuming setup
Webfleet Solutions£17.95 – £27.95N/AStrong navigation integration; Reliable real-time tracking; Job dispatchComplex features for small operations; Higher pricing for advanced features
Samsara£20 – £303.8Modern integrated system; Real-time insights; Focus on safetyCostly hardware; Advanced for smaller fleets
Microlise£20 – £40N/AComprehensive analytics; Focus on cost reduction; Strong customer serviceComplex features; Significant initial investment
Best vehicle tracker providers compared


Quartix is one of the more dynamic vehicle tracker providers, notable for its advanced telematics and comprehensive analytics that help businesses monitor vehicle movements, driver behaviour, and idle times effectively.

They have a strong focus on improving fleet productivity and providing customisable solutions that suit various business models. Quartix’s systems are also known for their ease of use, offering straightforward installation and an intuitive online dashboard that facilitates efficient fleet management.


Pricing for Quartix can vary, but businesses might expect to pay anywhere from £14.90 to £18.90 per vehicle per month for basic tracking services. Advanced features may increase the price.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customisable reports and alerts.
  • Focus on driver behaviour and safety.


  • May be cost-prohibitive for smaller fleets.
  • Limited integration with third-party applications.

RAM Tracking

RAM Tracking has carved a niche in the UK market with its highly reliable vehicle tracking technology that promises operational cost reduction and productivity boosts. Their solutions are feature-rich, offering live tracking, historical journey data, and the ability to set geofence zones.

They are also praised for their exceptional after-sales support and ongoing system updates that keep their technology current.


RAM Tracking may offer contracts that range from £10 to £20 per vehicle per month, with variations based on contract length and additional features.


  • Excellent customer support.
  • Easy to install with minimal disruption.
  • Detailed reporting and geofencing capabilities.


  • Some users report a learning curve for advanced features.
  • Additional features may come at extra cost.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is a global player in fleet management solutions, offering a scalable platform called DIRECTOR that caters to fleets of all sizes.

The platform’s features include GPS tracking, analytics, and safety modules, which help in reducing fuel usage and improving driver performance. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous updates and feature enhancements.


Teletrac Navman’s pricing is often custom, but businesses could anticipate costs starting from around £20 per vehicle per month, going upwards depending on the complexity of the services.


  • Scalable solutions suitable for any fleet size.
  • Strong focus on safety and compliance.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting.


  • Can be complex to fully integrate into existing systems.
  • Some users find the interface less intuitive than competitors.


Tracker is distinguished by its unique VHF technology, which provides an edge in vehicle recovery scenarios, boasting a high recovery rate for stolen vehicles. Their tracking solutions are also beneficial for everyday fleet management, offering insights into vehicle usage and driver behaviour.

Tracker’s technology is well-regarded for its reliability and the added peace of mind it offers to vehicle owners.


Tracker’s unique VHF technology might lead to a higher price point, potentially starting from £150 for installation and around £12.49 to £20 per month thereafter for the subscription service.


  • Exceptional vehicle recovery record.
  • Robust technology with VHF capabilities.
  • Insurance approval which may lead to premium reductions.


  • The focus on security may mean everyday fleet management features are less comprehensive.
  • The system may require professional installation.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is part of a large, well-established company offering a suite of tracking options that extend beyond vehicles to assets and workforce. Their platform integrates GPS tracking with dash cams and mobile workforce solutions, providing a 360-degree view of fleet operations.

With an emphasis on data-driven decisions, Verizon Connect’s solutions are aimed at improving route efficiency and driver safety.


As a larger provider, Verizon Connect’s pricing can be on the higher end, potentially starting at £20 to £30 per vehicle per month, with potential discounts for larger fleets.


  • Wide range of features including dash cams and mobile workforce management.
  • Extensive data insights for decision-making.
  • Global brand with extensive resources.


  • May be more expensive than other providers.
  • The breadth of features can be overwhelming for smaller fleets.


Fleetmatics, now operating under Verizon Connect, provides vehicle tracking services that are particularly renowned for their user-friendly interfaces and actionable insights. They offer real-time tracking and a suite of reports that help businesses optimise routes and improve driver accountability.

The platform’s ability to scale with the growth of your fleet makes it a versatile option for businesses looking to future-proof their investment.


Fleetmatics could also range from £20 to £30 per vehicle per month, similar to the parent company’s pricing structure.


  • Easy-to-use interface and real-time data.
  • Comprehensive reporting for fleet optimisation.
  • Scalable with business growth.


  • Some customers report occasional glitches with software updates.
  • Potentially higher cost for smaller fleets.


Masternaut provides one of the more technology-forward offerings with its patented CAN bus technology, which delivers granular data directly from the vehicle, providing insights into fuel consumption and emissions.

Their focus on eco-driving and reducing carbon footprints resonates with businesses looking to promote sustainability. Masternaut also offers robust tools for driver coaching and compliance management.


Masternaut’s solutions are quite robust, so their pricing might begin at around £15.99 per vehicle per month, with more sophisticated options going higher.


  • Leading technology with CAN bus integration.
  • Strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-driving.
  • Effective tools for compliance and driver coaching.


  • The advanced technology may have a steeper learning curve.
  • Initial setup and integration may require more time and resources.

Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions leverages the brand’s longstanding expertise in navigation to offer a fleet management solution that excels in real-time vehicle tracking and management. Their services include professional navigation, traffic information, and job dispatch which work together to ensure that fleets operate at peak efficiency.


Webfleet Solutions might offer packages from approximately £17.95 to £27.95 per vehicle per month, excluding hardware costs.


  • Strong navigation and traffic information integration.
  • Reliable real-time tracking and vehicle management.
  • Robust job dispatch and workflow integration.


  • The platform’s vast array of features may be more than required for smaller operations.
  • The pricing model can be on the higher side for advanced features.


Samsara’s modern approach integrates a cloud-based platform with a wide range of hardware, including wireless sensors and integrated camera systems. This allows for a comprehensive view of fleet operations, vehicle health, and safety compliance.

Their platform is noted for its ease of use and the actionable insights it provides through real-time GPS tracking and reporting.


Samsara’s modern systems may cost between £20 to £30 per vehicle per month, plus additional hardware and installation fees.


  • Modern, integrated system with a wide range of hardware options.
  • User-friendly platform with real-time insights.
  • Strong focus on vehicle health and safety.


  • The cost of hardware can add up for larger fleets.
  • Some features may be more advanced than necessary for smaller fleets.


Microlise focuses on delivering telematics solutions aimed at reducing operational costs and the environmental impact of fleets. Their offerings include journey management, driver performance analytics, and telematics data to improve fleet utilisation and efficiency.

Microlise’s solutions are backed by a strong commitment to customer service and support.


Microlise’s pricing is likely to be tailored to the services provided, with estimates ranging from £20 to £40 per vehicle per month, with potential additional costs for installation and hardware.


  • Comprehensive journey management and analytics.
  • Emphasis on cost reduction and environmental impact.
  • Strong customer service ethos.


  • The full suite of features can be complex to master.
  • Initial investment in their system may be significant.

Choosing the right vehicle tracking company

When selecting a vehicle tracker provider, it is crucial to consider the specific needs of your business. Factors such as budget, fleet size, and required features should guide your decision. The providers listed above offer a range of solutions that cater to diverse business needs and objectives.

It is advisable to request demonstrations and trials to find the system that integrates seamlessly with your operations, ensuring that you choose a solution that not only tracks but also enhances your fleet’s performance.

Conclusion – Vehicle tracker providers and companies explained

In a world where efficiency and data-driven decisions are paramount, these top 10 vehicle tracker providers in the UK offer solutions that can transform fleet management.

By leveraging the right technology, businesses can reap substantial benefits, from cost savings to improved driver safety.

As this industry continues to evolve, these providers stand at the forefront, driving innovation and excellence in vehicle tracking.

FAQ about vehicle tracker providers

What are vehicle tracking systems?

Vehicle tracking systems are technology solutions that use GPS and other tracking methods to monitor the location, movements, and status of vehicles. These systems are commonly used for fleet management, improving efficiency, and enhancing safety.

How do vehicle tracking systems work?

These systems generally use GPS technology to track the real-time location of vehicles. Additional sensors and technology can provide data on driving behaviour, vehicle health, and other metrics. This information is transmitted to a central system where it can be monitored and analysed.

What are the key benefits of using a vehicle tracking system?

Key benefits include improved fleet efficiency, reduced operational costs, enhanced safety, better compliance with regulations, and improved customer service through accurate tracking and estimation of delivery times.

Can vehicle tracking systems help in reducing fuel costs?

Yes, by providing data on driving patterns, idling times, and route optimisation, these systems can help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

Are vehicle tracking systems difficult to install?

The complexity of installation varies by provider. Some systems are plug-and-play, while others may require professional installation. Most providers offer support during the installation process.

Is it legal to use vehicle tracking systems?

Yes, it’s legal to use vehicle tracking systems in the UK, but businesses must comply with relevant laws, including informing drivers that they are being tracked and ensuring data protection compliance.

How does pricing for vehicle tracking systems work?

Pricing can vary widely based on the provider, the features and services included, the number of vehicles in the fleet, and the contract length. Most providers offer bespoke pricing based on specific business needs.

Can small businesses benefit from vehicle tracking systems?

Absolutely. Many providers offer scalable solutions that can benefit even small businesses with a few vehicles by improving efficiency and providing valuable insights.

How secure is the data collected by vehicle tracking systems?

Reputable providers invest significantly in securing their platforms and data. However, it’s important to discuss and understand each provider’s security measures and data protection policies.

Can vehicle tracking systems integrate with other business systems?

Many tracking systems offer integration capabilities with other business systems, such as dispatching, invoicing, and maintenance management, but the extent of integration depends on the provider and the system’s capabilities.

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